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Gift yourself
artwork you dream of


Installation of commissioned painting in clients home

YES… We can work together to create a painting that will be uniquely yours. Your colors and your ideas will sit side by side with mine. It really will be OUR painting.


I enjoy getting to know my clients, their homes, and their works spaces. Having a commissioned painting is more than just picking out colors.


I listen to what you say and I listen for a bit of what you aren’t saying. Even if you do not know the language of art you know what you like. My job is to figure out exactly what that is.


When we work together your voice will be part of the finished piece and that makes the process enjoyable and rewarding.

I paint TWO paintings for you to consider. Here are the finished paintings for a client.

Chosen painting for the commissioned painting
One  of the two options for the commissioned painting.

Clients come to me when they like my paintings but do not see exactly what they want. We meet on location or by phone, FaceTime or on Zoom to discuss the scope of the commission. Together we create a color palette by choosing colors from your interior space. We also select a few of your personal favorite colors for added interest. 

I ask you to review my work and share which paintings and areas of paintings you are most drawn to and which paintings and techniques you are not fond of.

Next comes the fun part. I paint two paintings. In one painting I focus on all the things we discussed. In the second painting I paint with a more intuitive flair thinking about you and thinking about what I would like for you based on our discussions. As I work back and forth between the two paintings eventually I create two paintings that feel right to me. 

My process frees me up to take risks while creating the artwork. Risks allow for the visual depth in my paintings. At the end you choose which painting is the one that takes you on a journey to your private hideaway. You choose Which painting you want to escape into?

Two paintings side by side to show client the options for the commissioned painting
  • When the painting is finished I either deliver it to you for review or email photos.

  • If there is anything about the piece you are not satisfied with I continue to work on it for final approval.

  • I believe owning original artwork will be treasured and enjoyed for many years to come.

  • My goal is to have 100% satisfaction from my clients.

  • I require a 50% deposit to begin the commission and full payment upon delivery.

  • My canvases are custom made for superior quality in materials and craftsmanship. 

  • Please contact me to discuss creating original artwork for your collection.

Thank you - Lori Latham

Two paintings together to show client the painting options.


Enjoy this slide show of samples of previous commissions. 

"I love the painting you did for me, it has all the colors and the feeling I was looking for!

It gives me so much joy everyday when I am sitting in my room and even when I’m just walking by. It is always lit and most of the time it is the only light on in the room, just perfect.

I look at it many times a day and I am so happy! Thank you for making the process so fun and easy, I am a big fan."

Tanja - Oregon

Let's work together
to create the painting
you're dreaming of

demonstrating one painting process by pouring paint onto a canvas.
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