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The Essence of a Year

in color and texture

Journey through the changing seasons in this large scale installation. Each of the twelve (36"x36") abstract paintings brings to life the feeling and mood of one month.

For bold impact install this collection in a grid pattern in an atrium (10' x 14' or larger).  Or take visitors on a journey where they can reflect upon the series as they stroll by each painting installed along a corridor (42' or longer).


A year-round tapestry has been created through the use of vibrant colors and rich textures which distill each month to its pure essence. Together the collection of paintings tells a unique story about the natural world that surrounds us.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of nature in 'The Essence of a Year - in color and texture'.

*** I have chosen a Haiku to best share the mood and feeling of each month. 

Reading the Tapestry

As your eye reads the collection notice how the year opens with new energy and hope as we experience the cold dark days of winter. Discover how the cool rain in spring is followed by the vibrant blooms of flowers which lead us into the lush greenery of summer. Continue to warm tones of autumn, and close the year with a peaceful night sky.

Let's Talk

I would love to talk to you about this unique collection of paintings. It is designed for an easy flexible installation so it can be installed in a variety of layouts.

I am happy to share with you exactly what I was thinking as I painted each month. Can you see the rain in March and the bare trees in November? Each month has its own story to share with you. 

I am also happy to help you plan out how to install the paintings in your space. 

Please send me note and I will contact you to answer your questions. I look forward to talking with you.  

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